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Day 2



Day 2




Intro to Python: Artificial Intelligence

Dates: 2022年6月20日至24日

Time: 下午1时至4时

Age: 升入五年级至九年级

Gender: Coed

地点: Keim中心计算机实验室

Cost: $269

项目描述: 数据无处不在! Campers will learn about how everyday items around them utilize artificial intelligence, 比如Netflix的建议, 亚马逊的Alexa, 还有自动驾驶汽车. Campers will be introduced to the fundamentals of the Python programming language via a data visualization application and a chatbot to help them think more deeply about how data is utilized. 无需编码经验! The instructor will differentiate for more experienced for more experienced coders via a series of challenges through which students can level up their programming and algorithmic thinking skills.

我该带什么?? 水瓶

教练: 安娜•劳伦斯 joined the Ravenscroft faculty as an U/S Computer Science instructor in 2018, she is a true computer science unicorn! She has experience as both an IT consultant and a full-time CS faculty member. Her educational philosophy focuses on design as play, harnessing students' passions to foster curiosity, and cultivating a classroom where each student feels valued and understood. 她设计创新, project based curriculums that empower students from diverse backgrounds to discover the beauty and utility of computer science.

Anna has taught Web page design, Intro CS, Honors CS, AP CS and CSP. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from NCSU, a Master of Divinity from Duke Divinity School and has attended Columbia University's Klingenstein Institute for Early Career Teachers. During her tenure as a boarding school teacher, she headed a dormitory and directed a school-wide community service program. She is pursuing graduate level work in computer science, 在她空闲的时候, she experiments in her workshop with 3D printing, 机械模具, 服装, 电子产品, 玻璃蚀刻和游戏设计.