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 Date: 2022年6月20日至24日      

Time: 上午九时至下午十二时              

Cost: $299

Age: 上升1 -上升3年级

Gender: Female

Location: LS模块 

带什么: set of color pencils, water bottle, snack

Girls in science camp is a place where young students can experience the beauty and excitement of scientific discovery. We will have fun with dynamic activities and projects while learning about basic scientific principles. Each day, participants will work on projects that they take home when complete. We will take a snack break and recess midway through the morning. 每周的某个时候, 时间和天气允许的话, we’ll take a nature hike and practice scientific illustration while collecting interesting natural objects. Favorite camp projects over the years have included: 

  • secret pictures with color decoders, color mixing with jelly crystals, UV light detectors; 
  • liquid interactions: oil and water, making an ocean in a bottle;
  • soap bubbles and giant bubble wands (2 ft. 气泡直径); 
  • 手动发射泡沫火箭; 
  • 化石新葡京线上娱乐

Followup activities will be suggested for home use, and a list of suppliers will be provided at the end of the week, a great source for science-based gifts. 

Instructor: Patrick Knox was already a young scientist by second grade. In fourth grade he memorized the systems of the human body, built a duplex for his breeding pair of gerbils, and started to take various things apart and put them back together. (Sometimes these  reassembled items miraculously began to work again.) The chemistry set that he received when he turned 10 set the stage for much experimentation, leading ultimately to degrees in chemistry and education from NCSU. 上大学时, he and his seven cats designed and built their own house, in the woods on a creek leading to the then brand-new Falls Lake. He collects animal pets of all kinds, and travels as often and as widely as possible. He has rebuilt automobile engines (which did begin to work again). He once designed and built a van-sized mock-up of a spaceship—the “Sound Shuttle”--for a high-end car stereo store. His professional work life began as a precision model maker, 然后是RTI的化学家, and museum educator at the North Carolina Museum of Life & Science. Finally at age 35 he found his true calling as an elementary science teacher, founding the Ravenscroft Lower School Science Lab in 1990. Six years in the lab led to two years teaching high school science at Ravenscroft, and then 8 years teaching sixth grade science and math at The Duke School. In 2008, he returned back to Ravenscroft to work in the LS science lab. 他于2020年退休.